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We are a small Tica registered cattery, located in a small Town Lesce in wonderful gorenjska region of Slovenia. Our breeding cats come from some famous European and Russian lines. The main goal of our cattery is to produce kittens who are healthy, strong and who grow into large  Maine Coon cats with extreme type. We breed all colors and patters from tortoiseshell tabby to silver shaded and we also have polydactyl paws and dominant blue eyes in our program.
 We treat our cats with love and tenderness, they are full members of our family. We don't keep our adults or kittens in cages so they interact with our dogs and children, which makes our kittens perfect for families. We try to maintain contact with the owners of our kittens - consulting on any questions or just chatting. The owners of our cats become part of our Family.​

All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for HCM, SMA and PK-def. Everyone also undergo x-ray of the hips to have them checked and graded for HD (hip dysplasia). 

Our kittens leave the safety of our home microchipped, with EU passport, 2x vaccinated, rabies shot (if leaving the country), dewormed multiple times, they are examined by Vet (health certificate), every kitten is tested for FIV/FeLv, if kitten is going in pet home he/she is neutered/spayed before leaving. Each kitten is rehomed with binding contract and receives TicaCats pedigree. 

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